February 09, 2002

I am in New York for business meetings. As a result, I have time in the hotel room with the TV on. Much more time than I usually spend with TV on these days. I was mainly watching MTV and VH1. As a result, I have come to several conclusions:

1) The show Behind the Music could be condensed from 1 hour to about 15 minutes. They use the same clips about 20 times in the show.
2) The Toxicity video airs once every 15 minutes on MTV.
3) Ted Nugent has a grenade launcher.
4) Car chases are bad and invariably involve lots of sparks.
5) On the MTV show "Kidnapped", the kidnap victim always chooses to 'screw his friends' in the third section of the show.
6) You get two Girls Gone Wild DVDs for only $9.95.
7) Many women take off their clothes for Howard Stern.
8) Puff Daddy still loves Jennifer Lopez.
9) There is an entire show about 'being Britney Spears'.

In other news, New York is still a busy chaotic place with good food. Last nights meal of antipasto, risotto and coconut sorbet was spectacular. On the other hand, the general anxiety level on the street was much higher than home. Everyone has a cell phone and the dogs have winter jackets here. I don't remember my brother's dog Abbie wearing a jacket out in the winter.

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Posted by michael at February 09, 2002 05:33 AM