April 30, 2001
Monday Morning

One more day until my wife returns from her 12 Quilting Expedition to Kentucky. I cannot wait... I am a man who needs his wife.

This morning I awoke and got ready for work. The girls were sleepy because of the birthday party and trip to Santa Barbara yesterday. Around 8AM the biggest awoke and wandered up front. She asked for breakfast. She said she wanted cereal. I asked if Cheerios was OK. The mature 5 year old informed me that Cheerios is for 'babies' and that she wanted Alpha Bets.

I headed into the kitchen and saw water on the floor. A lot of water. The sink that the washer empties into had been plugged by a stray sock. I headed to my bedroom, stripped out of my work clothes and into my shorts. I returned to the kitchen to battle the water and drive it outside. The 5 year old said, "Daddy, I'm thinking that I want to play in the water." I sent her to the living room. Kids these days. Cheerios no good? Soapy laundry water fun to play in?

In other news part of geeklab.net is up. It's run by Ellis, formerly of GeekNews. Check it out and stuff.

I wrote another Ultima story. If you don't play UO I doubt it'll make sense.

Posted by michael at April 30, 2001 01:33 PM