April 03, 2001
Mighty Wings = nasty junk

I was running some errands at lunch today and stopped by a McDonalds to grab a quick bite. I usually get the chicken sandwich, but today I tried something different.

I have heard the ads for the new Mighty Wings at McDonalds. I love good, hot Buffalo wings, so I was intrigued. I ordered a ten pack and hoped for the best.

I got back to my desk and opened the little box of wings. I was suprised to see no sauce on the wings. "How could they be spicy without sauce?", I thought. I took a long drag on my orange soda and chose a wing.

It was nasty. It was worse than nasty, it was horrid. They just took raw wings and fried them. There was no flavor. The outside was dry and crispy and the inside was full of fryer oil. The taste was what you might expect if you fried chicken in french fry oil. On top of the lousy taste, there we no drumsticks. As any Buffalo wing afficinado knows, the drumsticks are much better than the two bone forewing section.

So, stay away from McDonald's Mighty Wings. In fact, stay way in general, Carl's Jr. is much better.

Posted by michael at April 03, 2001 05:32 PM