March 22, 2001
Links for you to click

For some reason I was wandering on Don't ask why. While I was surfing, the internet wave pushed be there.

I looked into spoken word and saw a guy named angry genius boy and his rant about Why Macintosh Users Are Dumb. I luaghed and then I laughed some more. Mockery of this sort is tasty and addicting.

I looked around the page and saw a link to Why angry genius boy is dumb by three guys called Barrel o' Monkeys . Now, the only thing better than mockery is mockery of mockery. Go listen to the first link, then go listen to the second link. Do it now. Don't worry, you have this site bookmarked...

Done? OK, good. Now that's some good shit eh? Now go listen to all the Barrel of Monkeys stuff and help push their MP3 earnings over the mystical $50 mark.

Since so few people read this site, I'll charge a few people by name to go listen. Joe, James, Lucas, Matt, I'm talking to you no-kid-having slackers with plenty of spare time types.

OK. I'm going to play games now.

Posted by michael at March 22, 2001 09:18 PM