March 05, 2001
Mac OS X = fubarred

I just read that Apple's Mac OS X is being released with a few serious features missing.

Now remember, the Mac is touted as the platform for creative video development. Final Cut Pro and all that, ya know.


1) Has no DVD support at all. Can't read them or play them.
2) Has no support for analog video input. Unless it's on firewire, OS X won't work with video in
3) No new video card drivers until summer
4) The entire Adobe suite will run emulated and therefore slower than under OS 9.1

Supposedly, Apple is planning to release another version of OS X in the Summer called Puma that has these features.

So I ask the simple question, "Why release OS X now?"

Answer: Because Steve Jobs and Apple are greedy bastards that are trying to suck every last penny out the Mac Cultists to meet quarterly expectations.

Posted by michael at March 05, 2001 01:08 PM