February 25, 2001
My Mom flames me

My Mom read this weblog for the first time today. She called me to tell me she emailed me a complaint.

How Dare You put your criticism of AOL in print!!!
Your Mom!

Heaven help me. A True Believer in the AOL/TimeWarner/Borg Collective in my own family.

Further good news from Mom is that my Dad read Lucas's reply about Macs and is now refusing to buy a PC. Me and my dumb ass weblog. More years of supporting damn Macs...

And finally, it's still pouring rain here in LA, so it looks like I won't be attending the XFL game for the second time in a row. Fuck me, I think I spun the karma wheel in the wrong direction.

Posted by michael at February 25, 2001 01:25 PM