February 25, 2001
Bash a Mac, get some email.

In my last post, I posted about Macs. This leads inevitably to the Angry Mac User email.

Lucas of Dioxidized (Don't link if pictures of dead people turn your stomach), sent me this note.

you're doing it again, and i don't like it!

Needing to use outlook is one of the most cheesy reasons to need to switch to a PC. You can just buy outlook 8.2 for the Mac. Works fine.

You can even download the outlook 2001 beta for the Mac for free, works fine again. I know this because i'm the sole mac user at my workplace and i have no issues whatsoever with emails or file exchange (thanks to DAVE, a netbios program for macs). The only issue is ODBC access to MS-SQL Server 7.0 databases, thanks to microsoft not releasing drivers as they had for 6.5 and earlier...

So go, tell your dad before he buys a PC, to go to microsoft.com/mac/ and download the outlook client... works like a charm...

Really, if you ask me, unless you do database development, Win32 programing, or play games, there really isn't much difference between the capabilities of Mac's and PC's...

Sorry, just had to let it out (again) since you're such the mac-basher... :)


Let me leave my comments simply:

Single Button Mouse
High Hardware Price
Mac OS becomes BSD in March
Flowers on the case. WTF?
Limited Games
Steve Jobs

Posted by michael at February 25, 2001 08:47 AM