February 01, 2001
February 1st

What the hell happened to January?

If only I had a mental link to the net that let me post to Cruft while out and about this page would be full. Dimwits at the post office, our President-Thief, the importance of coffee, the go.com stuff. You'll have to wait a bit till my neural implant gets installed.

I got a package in the mail yesterday from Great Britain. There were a couple Sci-Fi books I wanted that are unavailable in the US. I went to amazon.com.uk and order a couple of books. My appetite for good sci-fi is voracious. I picked up Use of Weapons by Iain banks and Cosmonaut's Keep by [someone I forget]. I check out just like the US amazon, except it's in pounds not dollars. A week or two later a package arrive from the UK. Easy as that. If I wanted to buy them in the US I had to pay a crapload of money for them. Long live the ability to reach out across oceans from the comfort of my home.

2 days till I get to watch the XFL on TV.
9 days till I get to see a XFL game in person.

Posted by michael at February 01, 2001 07:05 AM