January 25, 2001
I'm dying here....

Last night I got home and saw a slim Fedex envelope. What could it be? Yes! It was my season tickets to the Los Angeles Xtreme XFL team. While I'm not convinced the XFL will overtake the NFL anytime soon, it seems like a good idea to pick up some tickets to the opening season to the only football team in LA. I had never seen season tickets before, they look cool. Click here to see them.

I went to dinner last night with my college roommate, Brian. We went to a nice restaurant and ate well. Unfortunately, I'm paying for it today. I don't normally eat such rich food.

Diagram of my gut contents

Now I'm sitting at work with a huge ball of food in my gut, feeling like a bloated warthog. Perhaps some coffee will kick my digestion into gear.

Argh. The pleasure, the pain, the belly...

Posted by michael at January 25, 2001 09:55 AM