January 09, 2001
I crashed my linux box :(

I have a linux box in my office at work. I run a little web server on it. Why? Why not! I've got enough juice that the IS guys let me do most of what I want. Well the box was up for like 75 days nice and sweet. I was trying to swap around the LAN cabling and the to check if it was working I launch Netscape. I tell you the box DID NOT like that. I sat for a bit letting it cogitate. After sitting for a few minutes, the X server went down and I was back to a command line. OK, X just crashed, I'll be fine. As I was typing 'top' to see if Netscape was still running, the box keeled over and went to black screen. No, ctl-alt-del did not bring me back to the command line. It was dead. I power cycled and everything was fine.

Here's another kicking web site for all you net music lovers: friskit.com

Good news for Generation Y/Nintendo, Lucas over at Dioxidized finally got a job. I expect a wife, kids and mortgage in short order. Be careful linking there, no dead people photos currently, but they could appear at any minute.

Quake 3: Team Arena is suh-weet. I love the Overlord and Harvester mods. I've been staying up way to late playing it.

In Ultima I'm about to get my 3 year awards. Hard to imagine I've been playing a game for 3 years. Geez. It boggles the mind.

Posted by michael at January 09, 2001 11:59 AM