January 03, 2001
Weblogs and depression

I'm been on vacation visiting the inlaws since Christmas. Without my l33t gaming box, I am unable to enjoy nightly doses of online gaming to sate my need for carnage. I end up surfing the web endlessly, link upon link. Once you get on a weblog path, it inevitably leads to more weblogs. I started to notice a trend among some the weblogs. They are all depressed. Entry after entry of "I'm bored" or "My life sucks". Is life out there really so bad. When I visited some college guys in my fraternity for alumni weekend a few months ago, they seemed to be happy.

Perhaps its all the smoking that Generation Y does. Seems like all the 20 somethings around all love to suck on some good old tobbaco. Perhaps Philip Morris could lace the cigarettes with Prozac. Instant happiness!

Oh yes, Happy New Year. Michele and I went to vist my brother Matt and his wife Jessica in Washington, D.C. We had a great time. Matt and I watched TV and played PSX2 and the wives shopped. For New Year's Eve, we went out to dinner and a cool blues bar. The wives drank a bit much. Of course, we men had no problem, but the next morning, the girls were a bit hung over. Poor Michele got sicker and sicker. She threw up on in the airport in DC, in the airport in Philadelphia, on the plane, in the airport in Cincinnati, in the car on the way form the airport, and in the house once we arrived. That's some world class puking if you ask me. I'm damn proud of my wife!

Posted by michael at January 03, 2001 11:28 AM