December 11, 2000

I have nothing against AOL. It works great for many people and that's good. I don't use it but many people do happily.

What I do have a problem with is people using an AOL email address for business. I mean come on, how unprofessional can you get? Would you have all your business calls on your home phone?

It costs less than $20 a month to have a company email address. If any business can't afford $20 a month they won't be in business long.

Why am I so pissed? Well, I'm dealing with the producer of a new TV show and he has an AOL email address and uses the cutsy HTML stuff in his emails. This guy makes MILLIONS and he's still using AOL for his business. Perhaps I'm an elitist from the early days of the net, but why would any company want to advertise their ISP instead of their company?

Posted by michael at December 11, 2000 04:13 PM