November 16, 2000
Angry Person

I recieved this email. I quote it completely

From: "Buck O-Nine" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, November 13, 2000 9:16 PM

youre a fuckung idiot pibb isnt an imposter
of dr shit...its a complete different drink. all dr
pepper is is spiced prune flavored soda, mr pibb is
spiced cherry flavored soda, get your shit right
before you go around saying mr pibb is the closest
thing you fucking bitch. i hate every idot like you
and i hope that satan him self rips your penis off and
shoves id down your throught and drowns you in mr pibb
o you have a painful death, and i am not jealos of
shit and only a stupid ass would be you should all die
and dr pepper is going to fucking go down, ill see to

I think this person has a few issues. What do you think?

Posted by michael at November 16, 2000 02:45 PM