October 16, 2000

1) What is it with people at the post office? Why can't they show up prepared? For fucks sake, they wait in line for 15 minutes and then walk up to the counter and start asking about mailing things overnight. They get handed a form to fill out and then waste even more time. Why don't people have their shit together? Look, I can understand if you are buying a money order and once you get it you put into the preaddressed envelope, lick it shut and mail it right there. But what is up with people showing up with a children's toy and walking up to the counter looking for a box, tape, and scissors? And then the check writing. Who the hell writes checks at a store these days? Every bank in the country offers debit cards, yet I always see some numbskull writing a check eating up time from my life. Killing me in little bits as Henry Rollins would say.

2) Congress is trying to pass a law to force local libraries to install censorware on all their computers. I thought the uptight Republicans believed in 'local control'. Shouldn't it be up to my town to decide how we want to run our library? God damn election year politics is what it is! Fire them all. 435 chipmunks would do a better job than our current contribution sucking congress.

3) Peter Hamilton - This guy writes a good story, but he's dragging me into the 4th book of the series and still hasn't resolved anything. I get thought Reality Dysfunction: Emergence and Expansion and Neutronium Alchemist: Consolidation and still clean up to the bazillion plot threads going on. I need to order Conflict and be done with this series. Geez, I can't imagine what it would have been like to read the first book and then wait a couple years to read the next one. Fucking authors...

Posted by michael at October 16, 2000 01:32 PM