October 04, 2000
Mindless Link Propagation

OK, people are telling me to post on Cruft. We'll here you go, this will keep you busy.

As always, visit Lucas at dioxidized.com, he's usually bored and needs you to excite him with hits on his page.

Round IDE cables, very l33t, read here.
Neat designer items, read here.
Shuttle launch in two days, for more info, read here.
For cool haxxor wearables, read here.
For all kinds of crude pictures, read here.
For more mindless link propagation, read here.
For good quotes, read here.

In other news, I had sushi last night. That's my second time of eating sushi for those of you that are counting. I watched some guy on a date try to be macho and eat a bunch of wasabe. He almost blew his tounge out his nose he was coughing so hard.

I'm selling bunch more of my old junk on ebay. Slower than a garage sale, but it builds up my PayPal account. There are also some domain names going for sale cheap on ebay here and here. People will try to sell anything...

Posted by michael at October 04, 2000 01:56 PM