September 28, 2000
Unclear on the concept

As some of you may know, I have a page with Dr. Pepper Imposters. It is just a few photos of cans I have collected. Today I received this email:

I am writing to say that Dr. Thunder is the best soda ever, even better than Dr. Pepper. My friend Keith Gilliam would like to be the next spokesmodel for the drink, and if you could help us out in any way possible it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The Biggest Dr. Thunder Fan Around

Now did I mention that I worked for Dr. Thunder or that I was a casting agent for them anywhere? Folks, am I missing something?

I replied:

I'm sorry, but I have no connection to Dr. Thunder. I am but a humble webpage maker with a picture of Dr. Thunder. Good luck to Keith on his spokesmodel career. I know he will do great.

Heaven help America.

BTW, the pencil sharpener is up to $2.75, go bid more, there's less then 30 days until I need $300 for a new Playstation 2!

I wonder if this tag still works?

Posted by michael at September 28, 2000 07:41 PM