September 20, 2000
Four Hundred Quatloo

The family was supposed to get a portrait taken today. Michele makes a big deal about getting good family portraits taken regularly. She's right, of course.

Today I was driving with Zoe inthe Saturn, following Michele to the studio, when the car died. Right in the middle of the 110 freeway near downtown. For those not from LA, the 110 is the main north/south freeway. Very busy. Many people honking at you when you break down in the high speed lane. Zoe, at 4 years old, was quite upset at being stopped on the freeway.

A quick tow to the Saturn dealer confirmed that that the fuel pump died, AGAIN! Yes, a short 14 months ago, the fuel pump died. It's two months out of warranty. Suxxor for me. $400 for a new fuel pump.

I posted another Ultima tale on the BV War Board. Enjoy.

Also, go read this and that. You will laugh.

Posted by michael at September 20, 2000 03:55 PM