September 17, 2000
I attack the darkenss!

First, go watch this movie. That was me circa 1984. Hilarious stuff.

I wrote a new Ultima tale tonight.

Here's a tip for all you wannabe linux weenies out there. When doing a fresh install, take the time to check if your video card is supported. I repartioned my drive to install mandrak Linux on my box. Went smooth until the X configuration. Bomb. Try again. Bomb. After beating my head against the wall for the entire morning, I finally read the readme.txt. Well, it seems that my super sweet GeForce 2 GTS ain't supported too well just yet. It seems that besides needing XFree86 4, I need the custom drivers from nVidia as well.

Unfortunately, the Mandrake install loaded XFree86 3 instead of 4. So now I am tasked with upgrading to 4 from the command line. To top it off, you can't RPM from XFree 3 to 4. I fear that it might involved *gasp* compiling a new kernel. Wish me luck.

Posted by michael at September 17, 2000 11:15 PM