September 03, 2000
On the road

Well I'm in beautiful Cincinnati this week. Visiting my in-laws and helping to watch the kids while Michele is at the Quilting show.

I went to a drug store today to pick up couch medicine for Mira. I spied a lovely box of DOTS there. A big 7 ounce box of DOTS. Picture coming soon as I get a chance to d/l the image off the Coolpix. Of course, you are asking the same question I did, "Is the flavor ratio the same as in the little boxes?"

Here's the stats:
Cherry - 18
Lemon - 10
Lime - 5
Orange - 14
Strawberry - 10
Total - 57

A little different from the regular alphabetical order we've seen in the small boxes. Cherry still comes out way ahead, but what's with there only being 5 limes in the whole box? I think a letter to DOTS will be in order soon.

Message to James & Ethan: Meteor Crater - Diamonds - Stuckeys

Supposedly on Monday my brother's new site goes live. Go and read. Mock him endlessly if it is suxx0r. Send him righteous cash through Paypal if it roxx0rs.

Posted by michael at September 03, 2000 10:51 AM