August 24, 2000
Random neuron firings

Been busy in RL lately. But the opinions keep flowing in my cerebellum.

Survivor - Disclaimer: I have watched a total of 1/2 of on Survivor show and 5 minutes of last night's finale. I really didn't watch much of it. My brother says I have no right to have an opinion on the show. Screw that. That Richard dude should not have won. He was a mean, backstabbing, nekkid jerk. He should have been booted weeks ago. 'nuff said.

Touchpads - I was over at my parents house tonight. My father is running a Mac and he uses a little touchpad instead of a mouse. This drives me insane. He needed help with Netscape and I had to use it. After five minutes of attempting to move windows & files my brain began leak out my ears. I demanded a mouse. My father grabbed the mouse off my mother's Mac. I disconnected the foul touchpad and connected the mouse. As I moved the mouse it made an audible rattle. Rattle? WTF? I pop the mouse open and look at the rollers. I kid you not that the crud was 1/8 inch thick on the rollers. I scraped and scraped and finally made the mouse usable. Then I pushed the mouse and it went in the wrong direction. The touchpad driver must reverse the control for some ungodly reason. Undaunted I continued to try and resolve his Netscape issue. As the halves of my brain began to split apart, I finally finished the task and got his bookmarks back in order. Touchpads must be destroyed.

Quake III Arena - I booted Q3A to check out the graphics with my new GeForce. Unreal Tournament still ownzors Q3A. Them Quake players are all newbs.

Overclocking - I help Joe from work overclock his new Athlon with a pencil. Check out the pictures here.

Lastly, go check out The site give you the ability to pay your favorite bands directly. If you are a napster/scour/imesh/gnutella junkie, you need to get your ass to this site and pay up.

Posted by michael at August 24, 2000 11:29 PM