August 03, 2000

Last weekend was my birthday. Woo hoo. Besides a surprise party, I was treated to the joy of having my lovable but loud children stay at my parents house. Ah, silence...

On Sunday, Michele and I decided to see a movie. We wanted to see Gladiator but it wasn't playing close by. We went to see the Klumps with Eddie Murphy. We got there 30 minutes early 'cause I thought there'd be lines. There were no lines, so we grabbed good seats.

Once inside the place stared filling up. At one point a huge guy walked in a plopped down in a seat to our left. There was a loud 'snap'. I looked over and noticed the chair backing had split. The guy had actaully broken the chair. Rather then get up, he just continued to sit there and yuck it up. Next I caught a strange aroma in the air. Being the parent of a child in diapers, I am used to strange smells wafting by. I turned to Michele and said, "Is that Chinese food?". She said it was kimchee. I sniffed again. Yes, kimchee it was. For those that don't know kimchee, it's a Korean food made of cabbage. Imagine rotting cabbage mixed with vinegar and left outside in the sun for a few weeks. An extremely foul smell. A turn your stomach and make you gag kind of smell. In any case, we spied a pair up front sucking down the kimchee in the movie theater. I could not believe it. Don't these people know that movies are meant for salty and sweet foods, not sour! Once the movie began they put the food away. Unbelievably, in the middle of the movie they opened up and began eating more. It made me want to walk over and fart directly in the faces. I didn't do that, but someone should have.

On other fronts, my father-in-law suprised me with a Hercules GeForce GTS 2 DDR 64MB video card. Yes, I know own the top video card! Ph3ar my mad frame rate. At 1280 x whatever, 32 bit color, and max detail resolution, I get a frame rate averaging 75. Yes, you are jealous. And well you should be.

Oh yeah, the Klumps was funny.

Posted by michael at August 03, 2000 02:47 PM