July 24, 2000

Well the weekend is over and I am beat. Michele got home @ 2AM. No rest for me.

Let's see while Michele was away and the in-laws were here I was a busy beaver. I saw X-men. It's good. Not much else to say, they took a comic book and put it up on the big screen. Neat special effects and an understandable plot. The movie should have been longer. Now we are going to have to wait a year or so for the next 90 minutes of the comic book.

I also saw Scary Movie. It's funny, but if you haven't seen Scream, Scream n+1, I know what you did last summer, I know what you did last summer n+1, and the latest teen TV shows, you will be a little lost on the jokes. Good raunchy humor. America needs this. After the long drought in raunch humor between the end of the Porky's series and American Pie, the country suffered from much over-wroght melodramatic crap in the theater.

Diablo 2 News: Battle.net still down. Level 23 Paladin in Open. Ph3ar me.

Ultima News: I can barely bring myself to log in these days. I keep waiitng for some event to draw me back in.

Apple: Don't even get me started. ATI released some info about the video cards they are putting into the new Macs befroe Mac World. Steve Jobs threw a hissy fit and Apple did a corporate temper tantrum and removed all mention of ATI at the Mac World Show. Did they forget that Apple is a business and not a club? Apple is a joke. Great hardware, but severely misguided business practices.

Posted by michael at July 24, 2000 03:57 PM