July 15, 2000
The trip to Costco

I'll admit I'm geek. And yes I may be too geeky for some. You see the family was driving to CostCo (one of those big warehouse stores where you aren't allowed to leave without spending $100). We were discussing where to eat lunch. I wondered if the new Pokemon stuff was at Burger King yet. The kids love Pokemon and it keeps me away from foul McDonalds. So, I whipped out my net enabled cell phone and started to look up the nearest Burger King to call and find out. My wife didn't like this one bit. "Can't you be disconnected for even 5 minutes!", she said. I put the phone away and we entered the parking lot.

My wife drives when we are in town becasue I don;t want to hear that I am a) driving too slow or b) in the wrong lane. So she drives.

She starts weaving though the parking lot and then turns back a direction we had just came from. I asked, "Don't you wnat to park over there?", pointing toward the unexplored part of the lot. "No" She grunted and continued driving.

She drove behind the store, past where the employees play basketball and then she parked. She had chosen the parking space absolutely the furthest from the entrance. I guess this was my punishment for surfing the web on my phone. We pulled the kids out and walk for an eternity to the entrance.

The moral is don't surf the web on your phone or you run the risk of a long walk.

Thanks to dioxidized.com for the idea of drawing pictures in my weblog.

Posted by michael at July 15, 2000 02:35 PM