July 14, 2000
Siege Unpopulous

I logged on to Siege Perilous last night and tried to find some action. None was to be found. Is everyone still wrapped up in the housing stuff on other shards still?

So I turned off the computer *gasp* and watched the DVD of October Sky. Pretty good story. Not great, but better than wandering Siege aimlessly for 90 minutes.

After the movie I went back in the study (what we call the room with computers in my house) and found Michele still sewing like crazy. I booted up Diablo 2 and smashed my way well into level 14. A necro was with me to help, but his skels suxx0r in compairison to my rocking Paladin skills.

BTW, why is everyone so in love with gems. Yah, I know they socket and stuff, but how many socketed things are better than the magic weapons in game. Someone explain it to me.

Posted by michael at July 14, 2000 02:56 PM