July 10, 2000
OT Rants

Yeah so I haven't updated for a while. Y'all never send me email anyways....

I am pissed about a bunch of stuff, in no particular order.

1) The damn teletubbie that was supposed to perfom at my daughter's 2nd birthday party never showed. Bastard.
2) Intel showed on their web site that RAMBUS is SLOWER than plain old DDR SDRAM and yet Intel continues to tow the RAMBUS line and sell that crap.
3) The Siege Perilous server is moving to the East Coast. Fuckers.
4) Battle.net is never up and running.
5) I can't buy a Nvidia Geforce MX yet.
6) The new case for my wife's PC still isn't here, so she's always using my PC to run Napster!
7) The SeaChange video servers at the office keep crashing. Fix the damn memory leak! I've given you guys over half a million dollars.
8) The new Horatio Hornblower episodes are nowhere in sight.
9) George W. Bush is still running for president.

OK, I feel a little better.

Posted by michael at July 10, 2000 03:35 PM