March 23, 2000
Enough is enough

There is simply too much damn whining going on! Look it's enough that I have to deal with my 4 year old begging for a pop-tart in the morning. When I get to work I expect some god damn quality surfing. What do I find? Whining. From battlevortex to Lum to the COB Dev board all you wankers are going off like frigging schools kids. "Don't just give 'em stat loss, put 'em in jail!" "Get rid of the rep system and bring back Dread Lords!" "So and So ganked me a called me a bad name!" "They nerfed the foobar skill!"

You know, I've got a solution for you all. Pencils ready? Shut the fuck up and play the god damn game!

That's right. Shut your damn pie holes! (copyright Alora of UDL) Launch UO or AC or EQ and play the damn game. All this whining is making me sick. Go play Unreal or Quake for an hour. Not much bitching there, just gaming.

If you have a need for mindless chatter then feel free to discuss anything from my mighty PvP prowess to the need for craftable masks in game. Just quit the whining, you smarmy cheese eaters.

I simply cannot wait until PSX2 arrives and I can r0xx0r people in peace.

Posted by michael at March 23, 2000 02:26 PM