March 02, 2000
My fix for Blue Healing

You need to read the Player Interaction Changes at to make sense of this.

The problem with the proposed positive/negative/consent plan is that guilds declare war on other guilds to form alliances. Since there is no seperate way to declare alliance, warring must be used.

In the current plan, there will still be a way to 'blue heal' if guilds use guild wars for alliances.

If official alliances were allowed, the change to the current plan would be minor.

If a Non-Guild War guild is allied with a War Guild, the Non-Guild War guild can decide to do 'positive acts' on their ally. Once a Non-Guild War member has commited a positve act on an ALLIED Guild War member, the Non-Guild War member is now flagged the same as the War Guild member for some time, thus becoming vulnerable in the guild war.

For example:

Guild A and Guild B are allied
Guild B and Guild C are warring

Guilds B and C are fighting. Guild A is watching. If a member of Guild A does a postive act on a member of B, that Guild A member flags the same as a Guild B member and is vulnerable to attack by Guild C for 5 minutes (or whatever time sounds good).

Make sense?

Posted by michael at March 02, 2000 01:18 PM