February 02, 2000
A few tidbits...

I posted a new Siege story about fighting the GC guild.  

I try reading the COB Dev Board these days, but I tend to find it filled with morons.  I wish OSI had a better forum for developing ideas.  The Ultima onelist is OK, but the signal to noise it low as well.

Lum's page has become a general MMORPG site.  He still hits the mark on things, but the message board has gone to hell.

I'm severely addicted to Unreal Tournament.  I love the purity of the game.  The sweet feeling of a head shot with the sniper rifle is unparallelled. Go buy it now...

Lastly, Poor George W. got trounced in New Hampshire.  The controllers of this Stepford robot better get to work.  It seems that it's not his ideas people don't like, it's the guy himself.  What's up with that smirk?

Posted by michael at February 02, 2000 02:54 PM