January 21, 2000
Ultima Online Break

After a frustrating night of UO, I'm taking a few days off from it.  Unreal Tournament arrived in the mail and I've got DVD's to watch with the wife.  While I enjoy UO, there are time I want to reach through the net and strangle someone on the other side.  You can read watch my latest image stories or see the updated Counselor appreciation section if you need an Ultima fix.

BTW, I must confess a truth.  Unreal Tournament is better than Quake 3.  Yes, I know I talked about how good Q3 was, but believe me Unreal is better.  The pure style points of having an Enforcer in both hands cannot be matched by anything in Quake.

My brother has done a good Flash animation.  You will laugh.   Go take a look. Click on Catching On.

Posted by michael at January 21, 2000 04:34 PM