March 23, 2000
For anyone wanting to try Siege

Posted by michael at 04:15 PM
Enough is enough

There is simply too much damn whining going on! Look it's enough that I have to deal with my 4 year old begging for a pop-tart in the morning. When I get to work I expect some god damn quality surfing. What do I find? Whining. From battlevortex to Lum to the COB Dev board all you wankers are going off like frigging schools kids. "Don't just give 'em stat loss, put 'em in jail!" "Get rid of the rep system and bring back Dread Lords!" "So and So ganked me a called me a bad name!" "They nerfed the foobar skill!"

You know, I've got a solution for you all. Pencils ready? Shut the fuck up and play the god damn game!

That's right. Shut your damn pie holes! (copyright Alora of UDL) Launch UO or AC or EQ and play the damn game. All this whining is making me sick. Go play Unreal or Quake for an hour. Not much bitching there, just gaming.

If you have a need for mindless chatter then feel free to discuss anything from my mighty PvP prowess to the need for craftable masks in game. Just quit the whining, you smarmy cheese eaters.

I simply cannot wait until PSX2 arrives and I can r0xx0r people in peace.

Posted by michael at 02:26 PM
March 14, 2000
A solution to the Stat Loss debate

Currently, the hot debate in the UO Dev circles is whether or not to eliminate stat loss in the PvP+ lands in the upcoming Felluca/Trammel thingie. Personally, I would hope that Anti-PK groups alone would be enough to stop PKs and keep non-combatants, it seems to work on Siege. With the introduction of the PvP- lands, IMHO, I think that stat loss should be removed completely. After seeing Lum's poll, I realized that many, many players don't agree.

As longtime Anti and a player on Siege Perilous, the only shard with no stat loss, I'd like to bring up an idea. Let's go over a few facts here:

1) Murderers need to be punished in some way for their deeds.

2) Permanent stat loss is too harsh a punishment for a game.

Many might are argue that loss of town privileges alone is a big enough punishment for murders, on an advanced shard like Siege, that's all we ready need. Everyone is fine with that system on Siege. I can understand how others feel that harsher punishment is needed. Many players just want to be a merchant and not worry about things like combat.

Permanent stat loss is not the answer either. Ultima is a place where players are given the ability to shape the world more than in any other MMORPG. Taking 20% statloss on GM level skills is simply too harsh. Let's be generous and say that an unfortunate victim loses 5,000 gold to a PK. How long does recovery take? A night focused on gold making? Let's say a PK dies and gets stat lossed from 100 magery to 80. You are talking about weeks to recover from the death. It is simply too harsh.

The solution? Taking a hint from Asheron Call's vitae penalty, the solution is simple, TEMPORARY skill loss. We can argue about the details, but the idea is simple. If you are a PK and get killed, you take a temporary loss of stats. After some amount of time, your skills return. The idea is to put a damper on the endless killing from the days of the Dread Lords.

My initial idea would be a that your temp stat loss is equal to your short term murder count, capped at 20%. So if you have 10 murders on your count you take 10% loss. If you decide to be mass murderer, you'll take 20%.

Recovery of stats is probably up to discussion. I would suggest that stat loss is reduced by 5% once a day. No need to sit online waiting it out, make it an automatic change. Consider that it would take a 20+ kill PK four days to fully recover. If you can't agree that taking four days to recover is a harsh enough penalty, you need to consider joining a MMORPG with a complete ban on PvP combat.

Well, what do you all think?

Posted by michael at 02:06 PM
March 02, 2000
My fix for Blue Healing

You need to read the Player Interaction Changes at to make sense of this.

The problem with the proposed positive/negative/consent plan is that guilds declare war on other guilds to form alliances. Since there is no seperate way to declare alliance, warring must be used.

In the current plan, there will still be a way to 'blue heal' if guilds use guild wars for alliances.

If official alliances were allowed, the change to the current plan would be minor.

If a Non-Guild War guild is allied with a War Guild, the Non-Guild War guild can decide to do 'positive acts' on their ally. Once a Non-Guild War member has commited a positve act on an ALLIED Guild War member, the Non-Guild War member is now flagged the same as the War Guild member for some time, thus becoming vulnerable in the guild war.

For example:

Guild A and Guild B are allied
Guild B and Guild C are warring

Guilds B and C are fighting. Guild A is watching. If a member of Guild A does a postive act on a member of B, that Guild A member flags the same as a Guild B member and is vulnerable to attack by Guild C for 5 minutes (or whatever time sounds good).

Make sense?

Posted by michael at 01:18 PM