August 16, 2011
TF2 Video

Recently, I've been playing the the Replay editor in Team Fortress 2. It allows you to edit a video together from a round in a game of TF2. Not only can you see the round from your perspective, you can switch between the views of any player or go with a free view camera. once you've edited the video, you can render it out several different ways. The editor even allows you to upload the video directly to Youtube from within the game.

The most interesting part is the transition of gaming from simply playing to playing and then taking the gameplay and then remixing it into new content.

Valve, makers of TF2, held a contest called the Saxxy Awards, for the top videos in 20 different categories. Winners of the Saxxy received an actual golden statue in game for use. This blending of gameplay and community is exemplary.

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August 14, 2011
Cupcake Inception

We've played around with making Cookie Inceptions a bit, but I never really wrote it up.

Today, Mira and I made Cupcake Inceptions. And they turned out great.

The idea was to bake an Oreo cookie inside a cupcake. The first thing to ensure is that the Oreo would fit inside the cupcake wrapper/tin. They fit perfect.

We decided to use Oreo Heads or Tails, which have a chocolate side and a vanilla side.

Mira mixed up the cake mix. We went with chocolate cake for the cupcakes. A vanilla mix would have shown off the Oreo better, but we thought the chocolate would taste better.

We poured a little cake mix into the cupcake wrapper to give it a good cake base.

Then the Oreo were Incepted!

Cake mix then covered the Oreos to a little over 2/3 full. We like using a measuring cup to pour our cupcakes into wrappers.

A little over 20 minutes in the oven and out come the Cupcake Inceptions!

The cupcake holds together well and you can't see the Oreo from the outside.

Inside, you can see the Oreo. The cake mix softens the cookie, but not too much. There's still a little crunch to the Oreo, but not enough to slow us down from wolfing down the cupcake.

The experiment was a success. Give it a try.

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August 12, 2011
Neil Degrasse Tyson

While I disagree with his views on Pluto, Mr. Tyson is pitch perfect on this:

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