September 01, 2009
Cookies on a grill?

The weather is hot here Los Angeles in the summer. So hot, we don't want to turn on our oven. But we do want cookies.

Michele convinced me to try baking cookies on the grill. It works in theory, so I gave it a shot.

We used some premade cookie dough on a baking sheet with parchment paper. Parchment paper is essential to proper baking.

I pre-heated the grill to about 325. The cooking instructions call for 13 minutes at 350. I figured that a little low wouldn't hurt.

After I placed the cookie sheet inside I checked the temperature and it was down to 300, not bad.

After 12 minutes I went out to check. Opening the grill sooner to check would have released heat. They didn't look bad. The temp had gotten up to 400 though, higher than I wanted.

The cookies were edible, but a little burnt on the bottom, likely to the direct heat and higher temperature. I have a few options to try such as using bricks to raise the sheet away from the gas burners and monitor the temp during the baking to keep it under 350. Any other suggestions?

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