October 23, 2001

Why is this picture funny?

Can you believe I got moderator access to the Slashdot story about Disney's Anti-Napster episode?

I work at the Disney Channel!

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October 13, 2001
Food Tip

To make a most excellent hamburger, place two small pats of butter inside the meat before grilling. Sprinkle a bit of garlic salt on the meat as well.

Oh my friends, the moist and juiciness is something you will not soon forget.

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October 08, 2001
Hobbit News Flash

I have learned my True Hobbit Name!

It is Berilac Goodbody of Brockenborings.

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October 07, 2001

I've been play a lot of Return to Castlewolfenstein lately. Must... play... medic...

UO has been waning for me. Perhaps one of those periodic lulls that I've had from time to time. Battlevortex is fuxxored for almost a week now. Poor Fear.

Michele's gunna be out of town this week, so I get the Single Dad role for a bit. Combine that with work in 'busy as hell' mode and I've decided I should be taking those stress vitamin supplements that Michele wants to me to take.

Here's a new place for you all to visit called Metafilter. Tasty tidbits.

I saw the second episode of Enterprise and enjoyed it. The show is good, has plenty of action, minimal amount of ethical dilemma, and Vulcan breasts. If only UPN was on DirecTV, life would be complete.

Yesterday, Martin and I watched Andromeda. Lots of good action, no Vulcan breasts though. We can't figure out how the huge ship is run by 4 people. Isn't there at least a engineering crew to yell at or something?

I have a new object of techno-lust. I have no need for the Henry Kloss Model One Desk Radio, but I feel an amazing tug toward it. I have no place to put it, but some how feel drawn toward it, like a moth to the flame.

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October 02, 2001

The complaints are increasing for me to update Cruft. Settle down my faithful droogs.

First of all, my beloved linux box at the office went down when the power failed in Burbank. This is the last screen shot I took. The box actually stayed up 193 days.

While I've not been posting, my brother has been posting tons. Go read his stuff.

A good friend of mine is going through the initial stages of divorce and it is creating emotional shrapnel all over the place. Boy o boy, D-I-V-O-R-C-E is nasty when you see it up close.

Hrrm, what else? I haven't been playing UO much. I was gone in NY the week before the attacks and haven't been in the groove since. The Return to Castle Wolfenstein test/demo is out and I've been playing that a bunch. It looks like a total winner. Death to Half-life!

Supposedly on October 9th, Dark Age of Camelot is coming out. I've pre-ordered it. Who knows, after 4 years it may break me of my UO habit.

I enjoyed the new Star Trek: Enterprise show. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. For the record, I think the gel scene was fine. My mother, however, was quite incensed by the skin shots and wrote a letter to UPN. OMG, my mother is one of those crazy ladies complaining about sex on TV.

My buddy Martin has been working a bunch lately and making me ponder the value of the corporate life. Perhaps I should go be an actor like Martin...

That's enough for now...

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