June 19, 2001

Hrrm. After looking at Cruft, I realize that I need to update the links. Most of them are fuxxored.

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Pushing through

For some reason, I've been unable to push myself to post here since I got sick. Dunno why, perhaps it's the enormity of the story of getting sick. In any case, I'm typing now, so my blockage will be over after this.

What happened:

Several weeks ago I got sick. I had a fever and felt crappy. I went to the doctor and he sent me home telling me I was tired with not prescriptions. Three days later I was worse and went back to the doctor. He was not in and they sent me to the Urgent Care next door.

Once I arrived at Urgent Care, the fun began. Immediately they told me I was quite sick. Soon I had an IV and they were sucking blood out for test. After six liters of fluid pumped into me, I still didn't have to pee. They blood tests & xrays showed I had pnemonia.

The two doctors there told me I had to go the hospital. I tried to defer, but they got serious and told me I was very sick.

I rode an ambulance to the hospital where there wheeled me to ICU. Intensive care is a hardcore place I learned. They do not fuck around there. If you are there, you are SICK.

It dawned on me at this point, that maybe some worry should enter my mind. After the team of doctors interrogated me, the double IVs of multiple antibiotics, the catheter, and endless prodding and poking, I realized I wouldn't be home for a bit.

Pnemonia, blood infection, and severe dehydration was the call.

After 5 days, they sent me home. I was physically weak, tired, had a chest pain, and had lost 20 pounds.

I spent a week and a half at home recovering. Even after that, I still wasn't myself. These days I feel pretty good.

I visited the doctor to confirm things were OK. At the end of the visit, he mentioned that if I had been old or had other medicla problems I would have most likely died. Kinda scary to think that I came close to death. He said if I had come to the doctor on Saturday instead of Friday, he doesn't know what would have happened.

My advice is request the anti-biotics when sick.

That's it. The story of me being sick. More mindless banter and stories to come.

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June 07, 2001

I guess I should post something...
Give me another day and I'll give it a good shot.

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