May 23, 2001

I'm back home from my brief trip to the hospital.

I'm quite tired now, but when I'm better I'll explain why you never want to be in the Intensive Care Unit.

Excuse me, but I need to go rest now...

Posted by michael at 03:40 PM
May 18, 2001

I've had this fever for 7 days now. I can't take much more of it...

My body aches and and I am constantly sweating. Another trip to the doctor today...

Today I had planned on going to E3. No dice. I'd probably pass out on the floor.

My hope rests on recovering today and seeing part of the show tommorrow.

Posted by michael at 12:53 PM
May 15, 2001

Sickness... XFL folding... Perry Como & Douglas Adams dying....

I can only hope that all this I heard while sick with a fever fr 4 days is a lie.

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May 09, 2001
Just a simple screen capture...

All I wanted was a simple screen capture of a scene of a DVD I have. I thought that every DVD player in a PC would have a screen capture built in. Not so young grasshopper.

I tried WinDVD & PowerDVD with no luck. I spent 3 hours Sunday night trying to get a capture. I searched and read tons on the net with no success. I had someone at work try with a new Apple Gwhatever Mac with the new spanking DVD drives. No luck.

Aaron at the office did get a screen capture with the WinDVD version supplied with the new Dell computers. I tried upgrading at home to it, no dice. "This computer is not a verfied Dell computer" appeared on my screen as the setup ran. Fuck you Dell.

So I delved deeper into the haxx0r depths and found DVD Genie. This sweet piece of software 'fixes' various DVD player software and enables more functionality. In my case, it turned the screen capture feature on in my version of WinDVD.

Go my minions. Download and be amazed.

BTW, here's the screen capture I wanted. Kewl logo huh?

Posted by michael at 12:24 PM
Alternate ending

Joe, the traitorous bastard that used to work with me and now works for the Anti-Christ, sent me this alternate ending to my windshield story.

What you you all think?

Posted by michael at 09:39 AM
May 08, 2001
How to put a 2x4 into a truck properly

Here's a helpful hint for all of you loyal readers.

When putting lumber in your wife's Jeep, do not attempt to put the entire 2x4 inside the car. Attmepting to rest the wood on the front dashboard is VERY DANGEROUS. You can easily crack the front windshield.

Then you get an unpleasant feeling in the pit of your stomach and worst of all, you have to tell your wife you broke her car.

I do recommend if you do need a repair.

Heed my warning or suffer my fate!

Posted by michael at 01:24 PM
May 02, 2001

I got home yesterday to find Fedex package waiting for me.

My copy Quake 3 Arena for Linux had arrived.

Yes, I'm a happy puppy. For $10, everyone should buy one.

Posted by michael at 08:35 PM