April 07, 2008
5 Chili Dogs for $5

Our local Wienerschnitzel is offering quite a deal. 5 chili dogs for $5.

Really, who can turn down this kind of offer? Some say it's unhealthy.

I looked up the nutritional information a Weinerschnitzel Chili Dog

Each one is 290 calories, making 5 of them 1,450 calories of deliciousness. Not bad...

In comparison, a In 'n Out Double Double (670 cal), fries (400 cal), and soda (198 cal) is 1,268 calories.

At Carl's Jr, a Six Dollar Burger, fries and soda is 1,830 calories.

As long as I didn't eat much the rest of the day, I'd be fine.

Brad and Cyril were brave enough to challenge the offer. Brad set the date for Monday lunch.

We arrived at noon and proudly order 5 chili dogs.

This is the 5 chili dog table. We made those not brave enough sit at another table.

Brad was the first finisher, eating in style.

Here Cyril thinks, "This might not have been the best idea."

With this last bite, I finished the fifth chili dog.

We all had no trouble with the meal. The chili dogs were pretty good. Later in the afternoon, I still felt a bit full. I didn't eat dinner.

I recommend you give it a try.

Posted by michael at April 07, 2008 11:03 PM


Stop in Bakersfield sometime....there is a Mexican Restaurant with a 5 pound burrito, free if you eat the whole thing!

Posted by: Chuck C [] on April 8, 2008 8:34 AM

not bad?! do you not see how flawed the logic is here? 5 chili dogs alone is 1,450 calories, yet you added a soda and fries when comparing to the other meals. Did you drink diet soda with your chili dogs?

Posted by: kingpixel [] on April 8, 2008 9:39 AM

I was amazed to see that you can get beer at WS!
What goes better than a metric ton of Chili-Cheese-Dog than a frosty paper-cup of beer!

Also, it makes me sad to see that the Double-Double+Fries is over 1K calories.

Posted by: jmv [http://www.octopushat.wordpress.com] on April 8, 2008 10:41 AM

I stumbled on your instructions for making a trashcan smoker. I wanted to comment on it, but there wasn't a comment link on the actual entry, so I'm doing it here instead.

Cooking food in galvanized metal is extraordinarily dangerous. When you heat up galvanized metal (which is what almost every cheap trash can in the world is made of) it gives off fumes that contain zinc oxide and other toxic chemicals. Zinc oxide is ok for your skin when diluted in a sunblock ointment, but is toxic if ingested in the quantities that will be given off by your trash can smoker.

If you're thinking to yourself, "Why haven't I gotten sick then?" the answer is probably that you haven't eaten enough poisoned meat to hurt yourself. The zinc doesn't store up in your body like lead or other heavy metals, so if you only eat a little, once in a while, it probably won't kill you. Chances are you may never suffer any ill effects from using your smoker. But you're taking a chance with your health, not to mention anyone else who eats the poisoned food. Why do that?

You don't know me from Adam, and I'm certain you won't take my word on any of this. That's cool. Go look it up for yourself. Please. You may even find yourself compelled to remove the smoker instructions from your website, so that no one else will copy them and possibly get sick.

So that's it, for what it's worth. You seem like a decent fellow, so please don't think I'm judging you or anything. I was just concerned.

God Bless.

Posted by: Sandtiger [] on April 12, 2008 3:26 AM

Ugh! Your poor wife...I bet she was 'sleeping with the enemy' that night.

Posted by: ~April [] on April 29, 2008 2:46 PM
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