January 25, 2004
More thoughts on ripping

I spent a large part of the weekend cleaning things. While Michele cleaned the girls room, I cleaned the linen closet on Saturday. On Sunday I cleaned the garage and finally go a chance to sort out our CD collection in hopes of getting them all ripped.

After sorting out things that didn't need to get ripped, putting scattered CDs back in the jewel cases, I got a final total of what I want to rip. 376 CDs. There are three rows of 100 and the rest add up to 76. Much bigger than I thought.

I began to wonder if the cost was really worth it and considered what it would take to do it myself. I did a few tests and found that it takes about 10 minutes to rip a CD and that if you do 6 an hour, you are doing good.

Doing the math 376 CD / 6 CD/hr = 62.66 hrs to rip them all.

Let's say I can spend 4 hrs/night doing ripping, it will take 62.66 hrs / 4hrs/night = 16 nights to rip them.

Half a month? Geez. At $6/hr this is quite a low paying job.

So I'm still torn. I want all the CDs ripped, but the cost to send it to RipDigital is high. On the other hand, spending more than two weeks ripping CDs for hours at a time is a pain as well.

What do you, loyal Cruft readers, think I should do?

Posted by michael at January 25, 2004 08:42 PM