April 23, 2003
Fun Week

Whew, what a day yesterday.

Zoe's got a bad cold and was home from school yesterday. I can deal, but I had to give an update for an 8AM meeting at work. I called in via the conference line and put the phone on mute. I explained to the girls I was busy on the phone and asked them to be quiet.

The group I was speaking to is a senior group of tech heads in the company. I'm explain the latest reasoning for the blah-blah-blah project when Mira walks up and says, "Daddy, I need you. I wanna play a game." She can boot the computer and switch CDs a hundred times previous to this but NOW she needs me. I try to shoo her away, but she says "Dad-deee!". I say into the phone, "Excuse me." Then I turn to Mira and say, "Sweetheart, you going to have to wait until I'm done on the phone. You can run the computer yourself."

On the phone, there is silence and I resume the talking, "Blah blah review process, blah blah capital." And then someone in the group says, "SOunds good Sweetheart." and the whole group starts laughing.


I took Zoe to the doctor. The doctor confirmed that cough + fever + lethargy = sick and gave Zoe a prescription. A trip to the store to pick up food & medicine and we finally got home.

I cooked dinner for the kids and even made them brownies for dessert.

When the kids were in bed I started getting IMs from friends saying that the web host was down. Yep, a router died somewhere and the servers were disconnected from the net.

I tried playing Shadowbane, but login was broken. Giving up, I went to bed.

I'm hoping for a smoother day today.

Posted by michael at April 23, 2003 06:15 AM