October 02, 2002
Entry 400

So I realized that I was coming up on weblog entry 400 a few days ago. Rather than be all dramatic about the number and going on navel gazing, I will simply do an update. Of course I may lose a few of you as I wander through my mind, but that's tough for you. It all makes sense to me.

Michele left for her latest quilt event in Virginia on Tuesday. She's there. I'm home with the girls. Coordinating the pickups and dropoffs is a little hectic, but I'm managing. The toughest part is when they get a little tired and cranky. Not much I can do when they say 'I want Mommy!' besides 'I do too!'.

I finished reading my book, Fallen Dragon, by Peter Hamilton. I had checked it out of the library and renewed it once, so I felt the need to finish it soon. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Hamilton's touch for hard sci-fi is light, but enough to keep my inner geek intrigued by the tech in the story. The end seemed a bit rushed like the Reality Dysfunction, but it wasn't unsatisfactory.

On the home tech front, I finally fixed the audio problem with the girls' computer. After doing quite a bit of messing about, I finally realized it was the BIOS. I d/led the latest version, flashed it, and viola, clean sound in all the girls games. The first rule of computer fixing has got to be 'check for BIOS upgrade before freaking'. On my own computer, I broke down and got the l33t Western Digital 120G hard drive with 8MB cache. They are getting quite popular and have gone up in cost $20 in the last few days. I'm glad I bought Ghost & Partition Magc for cheap off of eBay. It was pretty straight forward to install, partition, and ghost the old drive onto the new drive. Of course I had to upgrade the BIOS. The old Epox 8HKA+ BIOS wouldn't recognize the WD drive. I have to say, the speed of the drive is noticeable. SCSI elitists have nothing on me. Once I decide to buy the Romtec drive selector, I can get linux running at home. I must curb my techno lust.

On the political linkage front, thanks to Radio Free Blogistan, I found this interesting image on plasticbag.com. Hi-larious. It also seems that Bush's Energy Cabal planned the takeover of Iraq even before he was president. Wake up America! Big Oil is running the country with moronic puppet sitting in the Oval Office. Lastly, the new term of the season is chicken-hawk. Vote these fuckers into a lame duck administration in November.

I found a new spoken word artist to listen too. Somehow I ended up in the site of Earnest Kline. He talks a little faster than I'd like, but the content is worth it. Take a listen to The Geek Wants Out. The insane thing is that I get every single reference in the clip. If you like his stuff, buy it. It's only $10. We need more of this and less of that stupid shit on TV that sucks minds dry. The Dance, Monkey, Dance clip is fantastic too, but he doesn't have that MP3 available online. I only regret he only has one CD.

Oldschool - I had found bash.org a while ago and enjoyed much of the humor that a long time IRC user would enjoy. I especially like this one. Of course my knowledge of the internet reminds me of my age. Today on Genmay I saw this:

Where can I go find the Usenet or the Usernet?
I heard it is a P2p program or a similar program where people download games or what not.

Do we need classes in net history?

OK, it's 12:27AM and I need to be up with the girls in less thant six hours. More as I think of it.

Posted by michael at October 02, 2002 06:42 PM