August 25, 2002
Wrap up

First of all here's a picture I took on the way back from my parentss house.

These people are not clear on the idea of tying down a mattress correctly.

Yesterday, I went on a geocache with Zoe. We had a good time and as usual, I wrote up a short story about it. Enjoy.

The last bit of info is for those of you that are not squeamish. If you are squeamish, click away now. I'm serious.

OK, I warned you. On Saturday I lost a battle in my war against athlete's foot. The toenail on my right foot had the fungus pretty badly and actually came off on Saturday after the hike. It didn't hurt and a new nail is already growing underneath. I'm going to see the doctor this week to get the special, expensive anti-fungal medicine. For the truly gross at heart you can see a picture of the nail here.

You people are weird if you really just looked at my toenail...

Posted by michael at August 25, 2002 09:52 PM