August 20, 2002
Blind at home

I had to take the day off from work today due to my eyes. I'm still just wearing the contact in my right eye. Yesterday it was hurting all day. I had to give it a rest. Unfortunately without my contacts I can't see. Even if I tried to wear my glasses at work, I wouldn't be able to drive the freeway with my glasses on. Overall suckage...

Right now I'm squinting at the screen from about 8 inches away.

Michele asked me to help put up the border wallpaper in the kids room with her. She had also shanghaied her cousin James into the wallpaper effort earlier and decided to add me to her crew since I was home. I put on my glasses and we spent a couple hours spashing the walls with wallpaper glue. It's done now and the border looks good. Pictures to come when I get the chance. Michele was so please with the outcome she went out and got In 'n Out burgers for lunch.

More later...

Posted by michael at August 20, 2002 03:15 PM