December 01, 2000

One of the web sites I read is Geeknews as in I was at a computer and wanted to check the news, so instead of clicking a link, I typed in geeknews, then I pondered, was geeknews a .net or a .com? I guess for and got a different site. At first I though they had changed designed or something. They both have Geekcam and slashdot style news on nerdly topics. For grins, I typed in and viola, another geeknews site. Heaven help us when ICANN allows even more TLDs, I don't know how many geeknews sites I can follow.

One more point. Get rid of the stupid www. in web address, it is so redundant, it pains me.

Posted by michael at December 01, 2000 01:33 PM