DooDah Parade
November 2003
This year we decided to go to the DooDah Parade in Pasadena.
Zoe, Mira and I took the Gold Line up to Memorial Park Station.
We walked over to Holly & Raymond and sat down to await the start.

We were right at the starting point with front row seats.
Looking north up Raymond.

Zoe & Mira waiting for the start.

Looking south on Raymond.
Kinda cool with no cars on the street.

Waiting for the start, the Michael Jackson impersonator got media attention.

A bagpipes team starts the parade in style.
They proved to the crowd that they don't wear anything under under their kilts.
The girls thought the "naked butts" were funny.

Lots of bands on flatbed trucks with portable sound systems.
I think this was the Queen of the parade, but I'm not sure.

"Free Tommy Chong"

The Hare Krishnas

Many, many ladies dressed in purple with red hats.
I don't really get it, but the women where having a great time.

"Bastard Spawn of Capt. James T. Kirk"

Bender and Stormtroopers.
Is Bender a Dark Jedi?

A mobile Tiki Bar!

A giant ferret in the "Legalize Ferrets" group.

An actual marching band.
Very bland.

The Synchronized Napping Team in action.

Napping in the middle of the street.

Rocket powered skateboards.

The Chipolte float with dancing tortillas.

Believe it or not, the Furries were there.
At first it was a joke, then I saw that they were serious.

I tried to shield the children...

A group called "Ray Ray".
Elaborate costumes and I had no idea what it was about.

The Raelian Float.

Strange puppet people that scared the kids.

The Libertarian party.

The Humboldt Marching Lumberjacks Band.

Shortly after this, the girls announced they were tired and wanted to go.
After waiting 60minutes for the start, and almost two hours of parade,
they were right.  He hopped on the train and went home.

Next year, I want to march in the parade.
Who's with me?
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